The #2 Best High School in Kansas Features Literacy First as a Key Instructional Initiative

The #2 Best High School in Kansas Features Literacy First as a Key Instructional Initiative

Catapult Learning’s Teaching, Learning, and Leading Framework has been a primary component of school’s academic focus since 2009.

Catapult LearningCamden, NJ, December 16, 2014U.S. News and World Report’s Best High School Rankings for 2014 placed Liberal High School as second in the state for best high schools.  The school, which ranked seventh on the 2012 report, features Catapult Learning’s Literacy First Framework as one of its primary instructional initiatives. Literacy First is a nationally proven teaching, learning, and leading framework that builds instructor and leader capacity and drives academic achievement.

In 2009, Liberal High School belonged to the lowest performing district in the state. As part of a district-wide effort to improve student outcomes, the school—whose student population of nearly 2,000 included 35% English language learners and 71% economically disadvantaged students—implemented the Literacy First Content Area Framework to strengthen instruction across all subject areas.

By the end of its third year of implementation, Liberal High School student test scores on the 11th Grade Kansas Reading Assessment were closing in on the state average, and the achievement gap between student groups began to shrink—especially for ELL students. In 2009, 14% of ELL students performed on standard, but by 2012 over 50% of ELLs met the Kansas reading standards. In 2013, student proficiency reached 87% in reading and 86% in math.

Stuart Udell, CEO of Catapult Learning stated, “I am proud of our school and district partnerships in Kansas where our Literacy First Instructional Framework has resulted in significant outcomes for students again and again. We hope to continue to expand our partnerships to help even more schools reach their literacy goals.”

The first Literacy First partnership with Kansas schools began in 2003. The framework has also been successfully implemented throughout the country in states including Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Washington. The three-year framework provides professional development, coaching, and curriculum resources that build a lasting school-wide culture of literacy, learning, and student achievement.

About Catapult Learning: For over 35 years, Catapult Learning has been dedicated to improving academic achievement for students from Pre-K to grade 12, with a special focus on intervention for struggling learners, building teacher capacity, and graduating more students. Catapult Learning’s nationwide network of 4,100 teachers, coaches, and consultants partners with over 300 school districts across the country.

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