Catapult Learning Leadership Institute – San Francisco, CA – Feb 18-20, 2015

clliCatapult Learning is looking forward to hosting the Catapult Learning Leadership Institute (CLLI) 2015 at the Grand Hyatt San Francisco from February 18-20, 2015. This year’s theme is “Building Better Schools, Building Better Leaders.” During Catapult Learning’s 2015 Leadership Conference, “Building Better Schools, Building Better Leaders,” we will review the past, examine the present, and look to the future to explore the challenges of reforming classroom practice and providing world-class instruction to all students.

What does a truly great lesson look like? How is it different from a merely adequate lesson? How does a masterful teacher affect student learning? There are compelling and exciting answers to these questions, but cultivating and supporting new ways of teaching pose serious challenges to school leaders.

Join keynote speakers Elizabeth Green and Jennifer Abrams, along with seminar leaders from Catapult Learning, as we explore this topic and help leaders: – Understand how to develop and support mastery-level teachers – Prepare for the challenging conversations that come with change – Create and support a culture of collaborative study among teachers – Learn effective instructional keys for improved student learning. There will also be presentations by Lee Anne Housley, Andrew Ordover, Andrew Kenger, Jessica Bianculli and Sean McGrew!

If you are also planning to attend this conference make sure to stop and ask one of our representatives to find out how Catapult Learning can help your educators and their students Achieve Beyond Expectations!

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