College & Career Readiness: The Latest Challenges – Recording Now Available

College & Career Readiness: The Latest Challenges 

March 25th, 2015 
presented by Ron Valenti, Ed.D.

College & Career ReadinessThe primary mission of educators is to prepare their students to become contributing members in society. Whether the student emerges directly into a career or elects to seek the path of college, both decisions require that the student be adequately prepared to perform and succeed in their chosen vocation. The fact remains whether a career path or a college one, the student will eventually find himself/herself in the workforce, and hence will need a comparable set of foundational skills and learning abilities if they are to succeed.

This webinar will take an analytical approach in identifying the contributing factors that have escalated the challenges for educators in student readiness and the measures needed to prepare our students to participate in a global society.

The webinar will address the following:

  • How is college and career readiness defined today
  • Identify the challenges and contributing factors facing educators in getting our students adequately prepared
  • The need for collaboration between education and business/industry
  • How to address the issues of college and career readiness in the classroom

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