A Catapult Dedication to Two Special Administrators in Dayton, Ohio

A Catapult  Dedication to Two Special Administrators in Dayton, Ohio

2015-06 Dayton Catapult and administration staff IMG_2989 6x4

2015-16 Dayton Catapult Learning and Administration Staff

June 2015 was a month of celebration for the Catapult Learning staff in Dayton, Ohio! The staff has been honored to work with two very special administrators over the last decade: Charlie Graham, Executive Director over the Grants and Management Programs for Dayton Public Schools, and Karyn Hecker, Principal at Immaculate Conception School. After many years of dedicated service, both have chosen to move into the next adventurous stages of their lives. These two people have given many years of service to children, teachers, parents, and administrators. Both are true champions for ensuring that students, staffs, and parents receive quality instruction, training, and support.

Mr. Graham and Ms. Hecker will be sorely missed by many but especially by the staff at Catapult Learning. Both of these administrators have been our strongest proponents. Mr. Graham has always made sure we had the equipment, materials, and supplies to support our efforts in our quest for excellence. He made it a point to attend several of our staff meetings so he could keep us up to date on Title I law. He provided us with a guest speaker who addressed the topic, “How to Work with Students from Challenging Backgrounds.” He also made sure we had the materials we needed to provide our parents with reading and math training. Karyn Hecker was always the first to brag about the top-notch staff she received from Catapult Learning. She was a knowledgeable principal who had a vision for her school and made sure the Catapult staff was an integral part of that vision.

As these two special people take their next journey, we wish them the very best. Whatever they choose to do, we know they will make a difference in the lives of the people they touch because they will always continue to “share the joy of learning.”


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