Site Colors

Here are the examples of Boxed Content with the site colors.  The Boxes can be any width.  Only use the same highlight color per page and only one or maybe two call-outs with the highlight color per page.  The rest of the time.  Use the site colors.


Orange: #ff6633

Common Core

Blue: #25408f

Private and Religions

Green: 85a855

Dropout Prevention

Yellow: #d8b13f

Blended Learning

Light Blue: #0299d1

Professional Development

Red: #b8363d

Logo Font Color

Accent Color –  Navy: #1c1a54

Logo Leaf 1

Blue: #25408f

Logo Leaf 2


Logo Leaf 3



Slightly Rounded with Arrow.  Use any of the colors above.

Three Sizes:

Small Button Medium Button Large Button


Use the icon shortcode builder under the [*] menu in the visual editor.  For a longer list of icons go to and grab the name of the icon you want, paste it in the shortcode and delete the first five characters (in other words delete “icon-“).

You can also use the html code from on the text editor.

Three Sizes:


Call to Action.  Heading 2 text + button using guidelines above.  Background options: Alt 9, Alt 8, or none.


Slightly Rnd w/ Arrow