North Caroline High School (NCHS) cornuCOPEia

To celebrate the start of November, a classroom banner display was created by students in High Road at North Caroline High School. Students learned the definition of “cornucopia”; an abundant supply of good things. Ms. Ileana, High Road Social Worker, introduced a “cornuCOPEia” concept; an abundant supply of good coping tools. Ms. Ileana and students discussed the abundant supply of good coping tools available to us to help us manage stressors. Students participated in hands-on activity where they created a classroom banner to display the “cornuCOPEia” concept. Students collaborated to paint and put together paper corn with husks with [...]

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Lockerman Middle School Student of the Week

In the High Road classroom at Lockerman Middle School, a “Student of the Week” is recognized and announced at the end of each school week. The “Student of the Week” is honored with earning a certificate, a “Free Rotation Pass”, and their name remains displayed the following week on the “Student of the Week” classroom bulletin board. On November 9th’s Fun Friday, the “Student of the Week” was awarded to Xavier! Xavier is a 6th grader who displayed improvements in self-control and ignoring negative peer behaviors. This was Xavier’s first time this school year taking the “Student of the [...]

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Staff Highlight Jill Fitzpatrick – Oct. 2018

Caroline County October 2018 Staff Spotlight Jill Fitzpatrick ~ Lead Teacher When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? I knew when I was in 2nd grade that I wanted to be a teacher.  My father was in education and I wanted to follow in his footsteps How long have you been a teacher? I am in my 28th year of teaching What’s the best thing about being a teacher? I enjoy my job immensely.  I love teaching students with disabilities and seeing them experience success in school. What is your [...]

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Supporting Our Future Football Stars

High Road at Lockerman Middle School staff recently attended a local American Youth Football game to show support to our students Trenten (7th grade), Isaiah (8th grade), and Ma’lik (8th grade). Football is a common topic in the classroom with an emphasis on the importance of academic success, sportsmanship, and positive aspirations. Football has been a motivational tool for the students as their grades and behaviors in school intertwine with being on a football team. Staff was happy to show support for our students outside of the classroom and see their hard work in the community. Ma’lik- Mustang Jersey [...]

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NCHS Push-Up Challenge

High Road School at North Caroline High School Push-Up Challenge was created to provide students the opportunity to increase overall school engagement. Students and staff collaborate every day to see how many Push-Ups can be completed in the classroom. Every participants’ number of push-ups are tracked daily and total numbers are submitted at the end of each week. Students are also rewarded on Fridays for beating their total number of push-ups from the week prior! This week’s reward is Gatorade! Students are understanding how one of the oldest and most basic exercises can be completed anywhere while receiving endless [...]

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Student of the Week- Sep. 28

In the High Road School classroom at Lockerman Middle School, a “Student of the Week” is recognized and announced at the end of each school week. The “Student of the Week” is honored with earning a certificate, a “Free Rotation Pass”, and their name remains displayed the following week on the “Student of the Week” classroom bulletin board. This Fun Friday’s “Student of the Week” was awarded to Ma’lik for the third straight week this school year! Ma’lik earned “Student of the Week” based on being the student with the strongest point sheet lead out of the class this [...]

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Slime Stress Balls

To kick off the 2018-2019 school year, one-of-a-kind stress tools were created in High Road programs at Denton Elementary, Lockerman Middle, and North Caroline High School. Ms. Ileana, the High Road Social Worker, and students discussed new school year transition while identifying school stressors and coping strategies. Throughout discussion, students made stress slime and personalized stress balls. Students were enthusiastic about creating a unique stress ball to utilize as a coping tool this school year.  These stress balls have been a valuable tool for students who are feeling a little stressed. [...]

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Kindness Challenge

At the start of the 2018 Spring season, Ms. Ileana, High Road social worker, led a group activity with students in the High Road programs at Denton Elementary and North Caroline High school. The group activity focused on promoting random acts of kindness. Ms. Ileana introduced discussion topic of showing kindness towards others. Students brainstormed and identified real life examples of what random acts of kindness might look like in school, at home, and in the community. Following discussion, Ms. Ileana introduced “Kindness Challenge” which involved students participating in a random act of kindness towards identified staff members throughout the [...]

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Social Worker Appreciation Month

March was Social Worker Appreciation Month. Ileana Hoffman is the social worker for Caroline County High Road Rooms; North Caroline High School, Lockerman Middle School & Denton Elementary School. It is her second year with our High Road Programs in Caroline County, which has allowed her the ability to build great rapport with students and staff alike. She is a hardworking, dedicated professional who helps our students build appropriate social skills and learn new coping tools to use when feeling frustrated or overwhelmed. Ileana is always available to talk to students and will come from whichever school she is at [...]

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Calming Critters Group Counseling Activity

Students in High Road at Denton Elementary School practiced using coping skills by creating “Calming Critters” when participating in a group counseling session with High Road Social Worker, Ileana Hoffman, LGSW. Group session focused on identifying feelings and exploring new coping tools. Ms. Ileana and students engaged in discussion about different feelings and knowing the signs your body gives you about what you’re feeling. For example, when a student feels worried, his stomach may feel upset or when he is angry he may feel like his face is red. Students identified coping tools that help them manage their feelings at [...]

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