If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It!

To celebrate the start of Black History Month, High Road students at North Caroline High participated in an activity where they learned interesting facts about some of the most well-known African American historical figures. A big focus was on the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. and his movement. In this activity, students were encouraged to think about problems in today’s world and apply their thinking to be like MLK. The activity emphasized how MLK believed that all people should be judged on their character and the way they lived their lives, not on the color of their [...]

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2019 Resolutions

Our Social Worker, Ms. Ileana, and students engaged in a “2019 resolutions” activity when school re-opened from the holiday break. Ms. Ileana and students discussed goals and resolutions while completing the “craftivity” piece as a way to set some of their individual goals for the year. Students identified “2 new things I want to try, something I want to stop doing, 1 way I will ‘pay it forward’, and 9 phrases to keep a positive mindset”. Dylan is a 12th grade student in the High Road program at North Caroline High School who identified positive mindset phrases [...]

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Don’t Have a Meltdown, Use Your Coping Tools!

In the mist of the Winter season, students in High Road at Denton Elementary School completed a coping skills snowman project with the program Social Worker, Ms. Ileana. The snowman project began with defining coping skills as “strategies we use to help us calm down when we experience strong feelings.” Ms. Ileana and students reviewed strong feelings and discussed reasons why we may need to use a coping skill. An analogy was used with the snowman when discussing how one of the most important strategies is having people who can help us when we experience strong feelings. Ms. Ileana [...]

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Future Basketball Stars

Lead teacher, Ms. Jill, and Teacher Assistant, Ms. Mandy, are two of our veteran staff who work in the High Road program at Denton Elementary School. Some of the many benefits of being veteran staff is having the opportunity to see former students progress to higher grade levels and become involved in school activities that are not available in elementary schools such school organizations, clubs, and sports. Two of Ms. Jill and Ms. Mandy’s former DES students are Isaiah (8th grade) and Trenten (6th grade) who are both part of the LMS Wildcats Basketball team this year. Ms. Jill [...]

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Student Leadership

It is important to note each school year that the holiday season and winter break transition period can often bring out a range of emotions and feelings with students. In preparation before the winter break, several holiday and seasonal tasks were built into academics and group activities across our programs. On the day before winter break (12/21/18) students at LMS engaged in a holiday BINGO activity where students worked on a variety of skills together. After the first BINGO round with staff leading the game, students interested in practicing leadership skills were given the opportunity lead a round of [...]

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Project Sharing

Our programs encourage and support all academics and activities that our students are involved in. In some cases, students that complete classes outside of the High Road classroom settings (ie. General education, home and hospital, reading intervention, etc.) often enjoy sharing their completed work and accomplishments with High Road staff and students when they’re in the classroom. At the start of January, Nathan; 9th grade student in High Road at North Caroline High, shared a project that he recently completed outside our classroom in his Health course. During his break from English class, Nathan utilized the classroom touch board [...]

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Holiday High Road Stockings

Students in the High Road programs in Caroline County (DES, LMS, and NCHS) were involved in hands on decorating for this holiday season! All students were given a stocking and decorating supplies and were encouraged to personalize their own holiday stocking. Students enjoyed this fun activity and our programs looked fabulous for the holiday season! Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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Winter Wonderland

High Road at Denton Elementary School would like to acknowledge a staff spotlight for the Winter season. Ms. Mandy, High Road Teacher Assistant is one of our veteran Teacher Assistants on the Eastern Shore. Ms. Mandy is an amazing contributor to the team; she is hard working, dedicated, and dependable. Over the years, Ms. Mandy’s artistic and crafty prowess has provided the opportunity for our students to engage in countless unique craft activities, art projects, classroom decorations, creative games, and so much more! This season, Ms. Mandy created a Winter Wonderland for our classroom. Creativity in the visual appearance [...]

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Lockerman Wildcats Basketball

Following a successful ending to students’ football season and the beginning of basketball season, our High Road team at Lockerman Middle School has some exciting news to share! This basketball season, three of our six High Road students; Isaiah (8th grade), Ma’lik (8th grade), and Trenten (6th grade) all joined the LMS Basketball team! We are thankful for Caroline County YMCA for sponsoring and partnering with LMS and helping provide middle school students the opportunity to be a part of a basketball team. Furthermore, for helping kick-start this team, we would like to give a special shout out to [...]

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50 Days On Blue Celebrations

Three of our High Road students at Denton Elementary School earned 50 days on blue level in November! Earning 50 days on blue is a huge accomplishment and we are beyond proud to have multiple students reach this milestone of success all in the same month! Our first student to reach 50 days on blue was Jayden (2nd grade) who earned day 50 on 11/19/18. On 11/20, Nathan (2nd grade) reached his day 50 blue and shortly after on 11/26, Anthony (3rd grade) reached his day 50 blue as well! Our class was very proud and excited to be [...]

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