Learning With Fuzzies

Ms. Fitzgerald's class students are participating in a whole-class incentive for i-Ready online instruction. Students earn "fuzzies" for every ten minutes of active i-Ready usage as well as for i-Ready lessons passed. Each week students will be able to add their earned fuzzies to the class fuzzy jar. When the class fills their fuzzy jar they will get a surprise from Ms. Fitz. During the first week of this incentive numerous students earned 20+ fuzzies for the class! Right now students are averaging over 60 minutes online in each reading and math! We are certain they will hit this marker [...]

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Thanksgiving Feast

This year we invited families, districts, friends, and other stakeholders to join us for our annual Thanksgiving feast. We are very thankful for each and every one of our students, staff, families, and stakeholders and enjoyed the time to celebrate together as a family. Students shared what they are thankful for and many assisted in the preparation for our festivities, including the creation of artwork to decorate the feast.

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Showing Off Our Artistic Side

This year our students have been going above and beyond in demonstrating their artistic skills during art class with Ms. Felix. Earlier this November students painted birdhouses as a means to implement many of the painting techniques that they have learned over the first quarter. Students splattered, layered, and used wet and dry brush techniques to create their works of art. We love seeing their creativity blossom!

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Halloween Party

This Halloween our students demonstrated their creative side and personal interests by dressing up and participating in an afternoon of arts and crafts with families and other district partners.

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School Year In Review!

What a great year we had at High Road School New London. Here are just a few of the photos from this past school year!

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