Ways to Welcome Students

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! Students at High Road School of Fairfield County were not just welcomed on August 27th with big smiles from staff, but greeted with a new way of saying Good Morning. Before each student walked into their classrooms, they had the choice of picking how they wanted to be greeted by staff, anywhere from a high-five to a hip bump or a silly face. In the hallways, you could hear how excited students were to start off their day in this new way. Operations Manager Lindsey Russo says, “we want our students to start [...]

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Art Show

Students have been hard at work since March creating masterpieces for this years art show! Family members and friends of students were invited to attend and see the artwork they put together. This year's projects challenged students to use a variety of mediums such as clay, chalk, yarn, and other different textiles to create different works of art. After a gallery viewing session, students were able to perform in a talent show. We are very proud to have such talented students! Visit our website to learn more [...]

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Prom 2019

High Road School of Norwalk hosted a Prom for students last week. Our staff were happy to help our students get haircuts, helped them with makeup and hair and purchased them a limo.

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Reading Awareness Month Author Visit

Students at the High Road School in Norwalk learned how to dramatically improve their scores on exams thanks to a visit with Professor Paul Hughes, author of “Change Your Grades, Change Your Life.” In a meeting with a group of high school students, Professor Hughes explained how and why the simple minutes a day reading exercise works. Professor Hughes explained how repeated failure on exams can causes students to “program” their negative thoughts and beliefs about exams into repeated failure. He further explained how the reading exercise programs them for success by releasing their negative fears and emotions. Professor Hughes [...]

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Meet the Team: Alba Rodriquez

Alba Rodriquez, Special Education Teacher After receiving my Bachelor's degree in General Education, I went on to earn my Master's in Special Education. All along, I've know that I wanted to work with students with special needs. Every single day is different, but generally I'm working with my class of students. This can involved supporting their individual needs, providing academic support, or assisting another team member during the day. For some, this may seem like a small thing, but it's a victory none the less. For me, when my [...]

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High Road School of Norwalk hosts Turkey Feast

High Road School of Norwalk hosted their annual Thanksgiving Feast on November 20th. Staff, students, teachers, and parents enjoyed a great feast provided by the school. “The best part about doing this with special needs kids is it shows the kids that family, friends and the community are all a part of the village that helps them.” – Aimee Russo, transition coordinator, High Road School of Norwalk The story was published by The Hour. Read full article

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