Holiday Bash!

It’s important that we end every quarter on a high note, especially leading into a long holiday break. Despite the hustle and bustle of preparing for the New Year, the events committee at PG Lower School was ecstatic about putting on our annual holiday party. All students were given a chance to earn a spot at this celebration, but only those who proved their diligence and willingness to learn were able to attend. This holiday bash featured games like Topple the Snowman, Snowball Fight and Guess the Gift, as well as lots of pizza and snacks! Students who attended [...]

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Skating Out of 2018

All of our students are still learning every single day, but on Thursday December 20th a select group of students got to learn something outside of a book… they learned how to ice skate! A small crew, who continuously proved to have good behavior and better academics, got to lace up and take to the ice. For most of the students on this trip, this was a first-time experience. Despite the occasional slip and fall on the ice, this group learned how to skate together in a matter of minutes. We were lucky to have the entire rink to [...]

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Getting Into the Holiday Spirit!

The weeks leading up to Christmas are always a busy time. Students are finalizing assignments before a long break, teachers are tying up loose ends in their units and social workers are getting in those last minute sessions before the New Year. Despite the daily hustle and bustle, our High Road School staff wanted to make sure all of the students were in the holiday spirit. Trees have been lit, garland is strung and those new years’ resolutions have been tucked away for January 1st. All of our lower school bulletin boards are now a pleasant reminder that the [...]

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A Day to be Thankful

Thanksgiving is a holiday best known for its’ classic and delicious food, so naturally there is always a buzz of excitement surrounding our Thanksgiving Lunch. On Monday November 20, 2018 the High Road School of PG County staff prepared and served a Thanksgiving feast to everybody in the building. The feast consisted of turkey, mashed potatoes, vegetables, macaroni and pumpkin pie, of course! While enjoying the delicious food, all of the elementary and middle school students took time to write what they are thankful for this holiday season. Our students reflected on a lot of wonderful things to be [...]

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Reaching New Heights

Maintaining Blue level can be difficult for any student, but reaching Silver level is a true accomplishment in our building! Marques Harvey, a 5th grader, made his entire team proud by achieving 45 flawless days on Blue. After receiving recommendations from his teachers and presenting a letter to our director, Mr. Chris, Marques has been promoted to Silver level and has special privileges throughout the school that he is enjoying to the fullest. Below is the letter that Marques prepared in order to attain Silver level: Dear Mr. Chris I want to be on silver level. I will do [...]

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Let’s Get 3D

Each week our students who have made sound social decisions and completed their work earn Fun Friday Activities. Recently our on-level students visited the movie theater and saw “The Grinch” 3D. We had popcorn and Icee’s in the theatre. We enjoyed the message in “The Grinch,” that sometimes previous experiences make us think those are the only experiences we can have. Sometimes you need to extend an extra concern like Cindy Lou or you may need to accept the extra concern like the Grinch eventually did. This was some of our students’ first time seeing a 3D movie, we [...]

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Our students had an amazing time at the National Zoo in Washington, DC!  The students were able to see Lions, tigers, and bears! They also learned that the big male silverback’s name was Baracka. The students enjoyed calling the animals by their names and seeing them respond. They traveled through Asia, Africa, and Antarctica via the zoo. Their favorite part of the zoo was being recognized for their great behaviors! The students pictured below have attained blue level behavior.

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A Peek Into the Future

High Road School students are creating vision boards to help explore and share some of their future goals. Some students were clear about earning their high school diploma but unable to formulate a plan any further. While other students had goals to reach beyond high school including being firefighters, college graduates, and entrepreneurs. Students were also asked “How did this project challenge you? The responses varied. However, some students shared that they had never looked past the present and planned for the future. Many of the students also said that this project gave them motivation to set goal’s so they [...]

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Creating With Clay

Middle school students were able to have creative control and expression through clay creation. The middle school classes were given some clay and told to create something, the second part of the project was for them to then write a passage briefly about their projects.Once they began working with the clay they, then realized that with the clay drying almost as soon as you leave it idle they found that the project wasn’t as simple as it seemed initially. Some of the students pictured below were very proud, nervous to explain or even hesitant to show their projects in the [...]

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