The “Spaceship Earth” Project

In Science class this month students are studying Astronomy. This unit “Spaceship Earth” gives students a chance to develop a new perspective on the world they’re standing on. Students were asked “Does the moon change shape”? During the Science investigation, each student received a Styrofoam ball, straw and flashlight. With the moon on the straw, each student rotated their body while Ms. Logan flashed a light source on the moon. Briahna discovered that the moon appears to change shape but it is not changing shape at all. Instead, the moon phases are created when the moon spins around on [...]

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Wandering Stars

At EES this month, students have been studying. This week’s lesson was titled “Wandering Stars”. The 3rd and 4th grade students learned that people used to think that the planets were a type of star until the invention of the telescope. This invention gave us a greater view of the planets and helped discover that some planets moved slower/faster than others. During our science investigation, students mapped out a diagram of the Solar system using Astronomical units and sidewalk chalk to discover the distance between planets. Briahna, Thomas and Emonte were surprised to see “how far away Neptune was [...]

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Black History Month

February was national Black history month. At Easton Middle School the students dived into learning about some famous African Americans athletes and musicians. The students completed research on famous African-Americans. The boys researched Michael Jordan, Jimi Hendrix, and Will Smith. They got excited learning about some of the interesting fun facts about the individuals they researched. We found out that Jimi Hendrix had gone to the army to avoid jail time for being in a stolen car, that Will Smith makes it a point to use clean lyrics, and that Michael Jordan has five children! [...]

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Honor Roll Students

Second quarter flew by us at Easton Middle School. As the quarter ended we received the awesome news that two of our students made honor roll. Austin and Damien both have continued to thrive in their transition to middle school from elementary school. Both guys are honored for a phenomenal job well done! Honor roll acknowledges the hard work and success that they put in. Great job guys! Here’s to another successful quarter! Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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Valentine’s Day Message

Our students have been working on improving their social skills toward peers. This includes the words that we use with each other, as well as the way we make each other feel at school. For Valentine’s Day week, we created “words that are sweet” to help cheer other students up when they are feeling down. Each student in our class came up with words and phrases that they felt would make others feel positive, when they might be having a tough day. Some of these phrases include “never give up”, “you’re smart” and “ I’ll share with you”. We [...]

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Another Flat Elliott Sighting

Flat Elliot and ET have decided to see all of the High Road Programs across the Eastern Shore. Flat Elliot and ET started their trip a the Kent Alternative Program – check out his visit today. Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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Slime with a Purpose

6th graders at Easton Middle School were recently given the opportunity to make slime from scratch. In order to participate in this incentive, they were required to earn all their behavior points that day. Austin and Damien were excited to spend some time away from academics after a particularly challenging school day. Damien said, “I haven’t made slime in so long! I always make a huge mess when I make it.” Indeed there was quite a mess by the time the students were finished, but it was evidence of a fun time! [...]

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Earning It!

One of our students was on his way up to green, but was having a little bit of a rough day. Director Courtney came in to visit and they made a deal. If that student successfully achieved green level by Fun Friday he could make the no-bake cake pop that he had wanted. This inspired the student to push through and achieve a day towards. He successfully reached green, and on Friday the long-awaited cake pops were made and enjoyed! Sometimes those spur of the moment deals can make the difference and inspire the student. [...]

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Keeping In Touch

A big part of the transition from elementary to middle school is having to say, “see you later”. After creating friendships over the previous school years, the students at Easton Elementary School decided to send letters to their old classmates, now sixth graders at Easton Middle School. During this project, the elementary class discussed how difficult it can be to move to a new place, and how important it is to encourage one another during difficult times. They created letters, cards, and drew pictures each with an encouraging or funny message to be sent to their middle school friends. [...]

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The Flower Project

1st grade students at EES created paper flower vases during Art class this week. The vases will be displayed outside of the room for visitors to see when they visit the classroom. Each student designed their vase of flowers how they liked. Harley included a bee in his flower vase because he likes the “Bumble Bee Transformers movie” that will be released in theaters soon. Another student added scratch and sniff stickers so that her flowers would smell like chocolate! Visit our website to learn more about High Road School [...]

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