High Road School: Worcester County

Milkshake Time

Snow Hill High School has been mixing up their Fun Fridays, lately. Staff feels it's important to have different types of rewards and reinforcements so that students don't become bored with the same thing week after week. So we decided to have a milkshake party as a reward for everybody’s hard work all week staying on blue level. First we showed them how to use the blender safely, and then the students created their own customized shakes, with ice cream and different toppings of their choice. Pictured are senior Skyler and freshman Dustin mixing up their personalized [...]

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New Year, New Peer

Happy New Year to all! Returning from winter break, the students at Snow Hill Middle have rejuvenated energy, positive spirits, and the same goal in mind, to achieve! We are also excited about the addition of our newest peer, Aiden. Aiden is a 5th grader who started in our classroom this month, and is happy about joining the High Road program. Speaking with Aiden about his first couple of weeks with us, he is very optimistic about working towards his goals of learning good strategies and coping skills to help him deal with big emotions. When asked [...]

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Stay Calm and Use Critters!

We are keeping our cool with calming critters at Snow Hill Middle School! In group we often talk about different coping skills to use when we are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, upset, or angry. Students expressed that they would use their calming critters when they feel anxious because it is soft. One student expressed that they liked putting eyes on their critter because it was like a little friend! Other students really liked the camouflage yarn. Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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Student Showcase

Our Student Showcase for the month of January is one of our two seniors, Johnathan. He is being recognized for showing immense caring and compassion. On a freezing cold and rainy day, Johnathan noticed a small bird outside of the entrance to the school. When he saw the bird, he asked if he could help it. With the teachers permission and the help of our resident social worker, he sprung into action and proceeded to warm the bird's wings then put it back in the woods where it then flew off into the trees! [...]

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Agriculture Science Program Tour

Recently, our Snow Hill Middle School 8th grader’s took a field trip to the Worcester County Technical High School. The tour informed the 8th graders about courses they could take if they choose to go there. Our students showed an interest in the pre-engineering program. The students also were given the opportunity to tour many other programs such as the Agriculture Science program.The Agriculture Science Program focuses on taking care of a variety of animals and harvesting different plants. Students were presented with a Poinsettia at the end of their tour. Students were able to have a day in the [...]

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Have A Holly Jolly Christmas

Tis the season to be jolly and appreciative!! High Road started in the 2014-15 school year with Snow Hill Middle. Since then High Road staff and students are actively involved with many school activities, making High Road very much integrated and apart of the Eagle family. Some of these activities include service learning projects, PBIS events, after school academy, pep rallies and events with Cedar Chapel Special School. High Road students take great interest in activities such as “The Iron Chef Challenge” and Jolly Rogers Amusement Park just to name a few. High Road along with Snow Hill Middle [...]

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The Science of Ice Cream Making

We kicked off our year in science in a sweet way by making our own ice cream from scratch. Our students precisely followed the recipe by combining half & half, sugar, and vanilla extract into a small bag; in a large bag we combined ice and kosher salt. Then we placed the small bag inside of the large bag and shook the bags. The ice and salt reacted, causing the half & half mixture to freeze into the ice cream. The students had a great time laughing and joking about how cold their hands were while shaking the bags [...]

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Q&A with a Graduating Senior

Q&A With TaQuess J. TaQuess is a graduating senior and has been in the High Road program for the last 2 years, and began taking classes out in general education this year.  He also made honor roll for the first semester of the year! What are your greatest skills and talents? I love technology and using technology. I am pretty good on a computer and enjoy my Technology Design class. What do you like to do outside of school? I like to hang out with my friends, play computer games, sleep, and play with my dog. What do you like [...]

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Fun Projects at Snow Hill Middle

Teacher Ms. Courtney and Social Worker Ms. Taylor have been working with our students on a project, using balloons, tissue paper, and mod podge to create colored light covers. Many of the students in the classroom have sensory sensitivities, and we are hopeful that the dimmer lighting will be helpful in creating a more welcoming environment. We also had a celebration for student Dustin Bratten's 50th day on Blue level in our behavior management system. Go Dustin! 😊

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