Field Day

Mr.Carter, commonly known around school as “Coach,” is one of Barrett’s middle school teachers. Coach leads the school’s Extracurricular Activities Committee and had a special event in mind for this month. On Saturday, October 26th, students and their families got the chance to participate in our first ever Field Day. I asked Coach to talk me through the big event. “Each student participated in the 40 Yard Dash, Potato Sack Race, Football and Frisbee throw, Heavy Ball Throw, and Basketball Shooting contest. Once all students completed those primary events, we moved on to an individualized competition- racing inside [...]

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Fall Field Trip

On October 17th, students at Sierra School at Barrett visited Anderson Farms. Students spent the sunny fall day enjoying farm activities like tractor rides, jumping pads, a corn maze, and a pumpkin patch! Ms.Gray, Barrett’s K-3 teacher, was happy to organize this fun field trip for students. Ms.Gray said, “As a kid, I always looked forward to the pumpkin patch. As a class, we learned about pumpkins and how they grow. My students were excited to use what they learned while we were at Anderson Farms.” The field trip was an incentive earned by K-12 students on level [...]

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Hands-on Learning with Nutrition

On Wednesdays, students in Mrs.Elmer’s classroom participate in one of their favorite electives- nutrition. Last Wednesday, students crafted “Bread in a Bag.” Before they could begin mixing ingredients however, students received a lesson in reading labels to understand nutritional value. Mrs.Elmer guided students in comparing Wonder Bread brand ingredients to Dave’s Killer Bread ingredients. Students became curious about the additives they found in Wonder Bread, and made connections about its flavor and ingredients! When the time came to follow the “Bread in a Bag” recipe, students had to use their knowledge of fractions to successfully complete the [...]

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Exploring Natural Disasters

Students in Coach Carter’s 6th and 7th grade class spent three days this week preparing for a research project in social studies. The project focus was natural disasters around the world. Coach’s hope for this project was twofold: to deepen students’ understanding of geography as well as Earth’s processes and to increase student confidence around presenting to small audiences. On Thursday, September 26th, students successfully presented their projects to their peers and staff. Jaaz and J’miah are pictured giving their presentation. Visit our website to learn more about Sierra School

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First Field Trip of the Year

On September 20th, Sierra School at Barrett Students celebrated “Fun Friday” with a field trip to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science! Students earned a day to explore a vast selection of exhibits and an off-campus lunch in the museum cafe. Jeremiah is pictured enjoying a Virtual Reality experience as well as exploring an interactive sports exhibit. In order to participate in this extra special day, students had to reach level Blue in our level system- an incredible achievement for the beginning of the school year. Field trip attendees maintained 26 out of 28 behavior points in addition to [...]

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