Common Core Adoption – Positioning your staff to meet the challenge

cl11156_siblingfeature_8214984It’s a given: highly effective teachers are the single most important influence on student achievement. Today, with system-wide requirements to implement Common Core State Standards, you and your staff will have to refine your definitions of what it means to be effective, to be engaging, to be educators who can lead students to academic success.

Challenges on every level in response to common core adoption

  • Your students are being challenged to move beyond skill acquisition to skill application.
  • Your teachers are being challenged to reconceptualize their teaching approaches.
  • Your leaders and administrators are being challenged to building sustainable capacity in your teachers.

In every discipline – math, ELA, science and social studies –every member of your team is taking on more responsibility to meet the challenges of academic accomplishment, to prepare students for advanced education and even to position them for ultimate career success. How can you and your staff become leaders today to make your students leaders tomorrow?