Interim Assessments that Target Growth Along
the Common Core State Standards

CLCCIT can be taken online or as a paper/pencil test

CLCCIT can be taken online or as a paper/pencil test

Focusing on discrete standards, the Catapult Learning Common Core Interim Tests (CLCCIT) provide valuable insight into students’ prerequisite knowledge as well as mastery of each grade-level standard in math and reading. Using the CLCCIT (pronounced “Click-It”) results and reporting tools, a teacher can plan instruction knowing exactly what skill gaps prevent a student from mastering a particular standard.

  • Spans Common Core domains at each grade level
  • Assesses critical readiness standards from lower levels
  • Provides both online (grades 2-8) and paper/pencil testing (K-8)
  • Includes real-time detailed dynamic reporting
  • Familiarizes students with questions similar to state test items


Catapult Learning’s Interim Assessment “Clicks” with Common Core Instruction

How does CLCCIT Compare to SMARTER Balanced and PARCC?

Like the tests being developed by the state consortia, the CLCCIT tests students on essential Common Core standards. However, the CLCCIT has a different purpose.  SMARTER Balanced and PARCC tests are being designed to give an integrated, summative evaluation of whether students are proficient in the COmmon Core at grade level at the end of the year.  CLCCIT informs teachers throughout the year, with results that are ready immediately following test taking. Also, SMARTER Balanced and PARCC are still in development.  CLCCIT is available now.