Data-driven Instructional Planning at Your Fingertips

Computer ScreenWith the Catapult Learning Common Core Interim Test (CLCCIT) reporting tool, you can use real-time data to inform instructional decisions.  Adjust and differentiate instruction immediately after the test has been administered, and plan instruction that deepens student interaction with the content.

  • View progress and evidence of learning by school, grade, and student on the Interactive Dashboard.
  • Drill down to individual student performance with the Item Analysis, including a distractor analysis that explains student responses.
  • Target instruction and fill knowledge gaps with the help of the Standards Performance Wheel, which shows each question that a student answers incorrectly and its corresponding standard.

How the Standards Performance Wheel Works

Grade Level: The inner rings shows item alignment by content knowledge, helping teachers spot whether prerequisite and grade-level concepts have been mastered.

By Standard: The middle ring shows item alignment by discrete standard.

By Question: The outer ring references the actual test question. Teachers can click on each question to review the item analysis and see which student need more help.

Standards Performance Wheel