Our Mission

We create brighter futures for students regardless of the learning barriers or other challenges they face.

Over 9500 Students Served
Over 90 Locations
Over 200 Employees

Who We Serve

  • Philadelphia students enrolled in non-public, private, and charter schools
  • Non-public school teachers

Our Team

  • Supervisors and Mentors
  • Operational Support
  • Professional Development Support


  • Our 90+ teachers provide reading, math, and ESL instruction to small groups of students.
  • Our programs are designed to close skill gaps while building student confidence and motivation to learn.
  • We use a research-based curriculum that’s aligned with academic readiness standards.
  • Identify skill gaps and personalize learning plans embedded in formative assessments.
  • Directed activities give students hands-on application of skills in every lesson.

See what our current teachers are saying:

“This is my first year working with Catapult and it has been a great experience! My supervisor is great and is always checking in and keeping us informed.” – CL Teacher since 2021

“My supervisor visited my school last week . You could tell she was generally interested in how I was doing. I greatly appreciated her interest in my wellbeing.” – CL Teacher since 2020

“Enjoyable interaction with students and colleagues alike!” – CL Teacher since 2022

School Counselors and Social Workers

  • Our team of 45+ social workers and school counselors serve as Family Connections Liaisons bridging the family, school and community gap to support student academic success.
  • Services include individual student counseling, group counseling, consultations (with families and school personnel), and connecting families to recourses in their communities.
  • Staff work in a supportive and collaborative environment, attend small group staff meetings, peer groups, and are offered individualized support from their supervisor.
Catapult Learning Family Connections

See what our current staff are saying:

I have never felt so supported as I have working for this company. I know that if I have a question or if I need to reach out to a supervisor or another counselor, that I am always able to. I also have appreciated all the professional development opportunities and leadership roles that being a part of this team has offered me over the years.
– FCL with CL since 2017

My students are funny, intelligent, sensitive, and driven. Working with them inspires me and challenges me! I enjoy working at Catapult Learning because I get to interact with and learn how to be a better helping professional from other kind, passionate, and compassionate professionals!
– Counselor with CL since 2021

Providing support to youth and families is fulfilling work in these troubled times.
– FCL with CL since 2018

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