Support Your Private and Religious School Community

40 Years of Successful Solutions

Private and religious schools nationwide have turned to Catapult Learning for the best instructional services, professional development, and specialized services for more than three decades. We provide research-based educational and support services that improve student outcomes for at-risk students. Today, our network of 5,600 teachers and coaches partner with over 500 school districts to help every student reach his or her fullest academic potential.

College and Career Ready Instruction
Catapult Learning’s research-based intervention program supports your struggling learners by providing the foundational reading and math skills they need to be successful, given the higher level of rigor demanded by the new Common Core State Standards.

Our unwavering commitment to educational quality enables us to maximize the effectiveness of our instruction so that we are able to attain consistently high student achievement scores. Our Educational Quality team members visit schools, speaking directly to students and teachers. We review test results, and survey administrators to discover what’s working and where we need to make adjustments.

Our partner schools understand the importance of flexibility — and so do we. That’s why Catapult Learning programs aren’t just based on the latest research and best practices in the industry, they are also flexible enough to match your unique instructional needs.

Only Catapult Learning offers the breadth of programs designed to support your entire community— Intervention Services, Professional Development, College and Career Readiness Training and Teacher Evaluation programs that build teacher capacity, Assessment and Reporting, and Specialized Services to support your families outside the classroom.

Central to our success is the high level of communication provided at every stage of program implementation. Regularly scheduled principal meetings and daily collaboration with classroom teachers are required to insure success for every student. Our new online reporting dashboard works to close the loop by providing daily updates for instructional leaders in real time.

…Our flexible programs match the unique vision of your school, culture, and budget.