Program Components

The Tools and Support to Assess Student Knowledge and Fill in Gaps

Teaching to the standards and preparing students for the new generation assessment tests means that students must perform at a higher-level and complete more complex and demanding tasks. However, not every student progresses at the same rate. With Catapult Learning’s Common Core Interim Tests (CLCCIT) and reporting tools, your teachers will know how every student performs against each standard and how to fill in the knowledge gaps.

CLCCIT  includes:

  • Assessment tests (online and paper and pencil versions)
  • Real-time answer analysis and feedback loops
  • Interactive data-dashboard overviews, and evidence of learning per student
  • Professional development add-ons via webinars, embedded coaching and onsite seminars

Professional Development Supports Assessment, Analysis, and Data-Driven Instruction  

Teachers learn how to administer the CLCCIT, interpret the results, and implement data-driven instruction with professional development and expert coaching from Catapult Learning.

  • Two live two-hour introductory webinar sessions—one for principals and one for teachers— will help participants understand the purpose of interim testing, how it works, and how to administer the tests.
  • During an onsite Data Analysis workshop, teachers and leaders will learn how to access and read the reports, and they will learn how to drive instructional change based on the interim assessment results.
  • Add additional on-site workshops that focus on particular common core topics and how to adjust instruction to improve student learning.
  • Allocate time and resources, adapt assignments and instructional methods, and get meaningful feedback with the support of job-embedded coaching.