CLCCIT Assessments and Reporting Tools

CLCCIT is designed to give teachers rapid feedback in order to immediately adjust and differentiate instruction and deepen student interaction with the content.

  • Spans Common Core domains at each grade level
  • Assesses critical readiness standards from lower levels
  • Provides both online and paper/pencil testing
  • Includes real-time detailed dynamic reporting
  • Familiarizes students with questions similar to state test items

Reporting Tools Crafted for Teachers by Teachers

Teaching to the standards and preparing students for the new generation assessment tests means that students must perform at a higher level and complete more complex and demanding tasks. However, not every student progresses at the same rate. With CLCCIT reporting tools, teachers use real-time data to inform instructional decisions.

  • View test results at the district, school, and student level.
  • Drill down to see individual student performance on specific standards.
  • Use data to target instruction and fill knowledge gaps.