Helping Schools & Families Work Together


Research shows that students whose families are involved in their education achieve greater academic success. At Catapult Learning, we know the importance of forming strong partnerships to help students succeed. That’s why we created Family Connections, a unique program that helps bridge the family-school relationship gap and strengthens parents’ ability to support their children’s education.

Managed by one of Catapult Learning’s licensed social workers, Family Connections combines education, counseling, and resource advocacy services to give parents and guardians the tools they need to get involved and become constructive supporters of their children’s learning. Family Connections also includes professional development and coordination services to help school administrators, teachers, and staff members align with parents to support learning.

The result? Better relationships with parents and more time to focus on students’ academic achievement and staff development.


Program Components of the Family Connections Program 

Providing a mix of parent education, counseling, resources advocacy services, professional development, and ongoing consultation and coordination support, Family Connections bridges the family-school-community relationship gap and, in turn, strengthens the family ability to support their child’s academic and non-academic needs.


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