cl11156_siblingfeature_12787464Sustaining Excellence Step-by-step

How Data Utilization Leads

to Results for your School

When you follow the Sustaining Excellence step-by-step process for assessing and analyzing your current instructional data and making well-informed decisions about your goals and objectives, you gain a framework that can help you

  • Identify effective school and teaching practices
  • Target instructional intervention efforts
  • Support coaching for teachers and leaders
  • Promote growth

Identifying the starting line: Needs Assessment

Sustaining Excellence starts with an extensive needs assessment that helps you identify your goals by focusing specifically on your instructional data landscape today and where you want to be in the future.


Focusing on patterns: Growth Model Analysis

You’ll work with Catapult Learning Research and Evaluation experts in analyzing student achievement to pinpoint observable trends that reveal areas of weakness and strength.


Learning what to track: Growth Model Seminars

In Growth Model Seminars, your leadership team will learn about growth model analysis and – most important of all – how to use the analysis to drive decisions about professional development and improving student learning.


Supporting your staff: Leadership Coaching

Job-embedded coaching for school leaders provides immediate feedback so that they can learn best how to use student growth results to implement changes that promote student accomplishment and achievement.


Guiding your instructors: Teacher Coaching

Coaching for teachers helps them understand how to adjust their lesson plans, classroom activities and student engagement techniques in ways indicated by the comprehensive data collection and analysis of the Sustaining Excellence program to guide student toward learning successes.