Professionals Helping Professionals

Teacher Training and Coaching from the Experts

cl11156_siblingfeature_7900799Professionals in all walks of life – athletes, actors, attorneys – seek out coaches to polish and improve their performances. When your teachers are supported by coaches, they reap benefits from on‐going, job‐embedded professional development: increased confidence, finely tuned professional skills, and refinement of their instructional strategies. While working with the collegial support of experienced educators, your instructors set personal goals for skills acquisition and improvement and engage in reflective discussions about their performance.

Coaching typically happens during the school day and can take the form of one-on-one interactions or small-group discussions. All coaching sessions are based on a combination of teacher needs and school or district instructional goals and can include activities such as:

  • Co-planning lessons for implementing new strategies
  • Co‐teaching activities to explore an aspect of instruction
  • Review of student products to allow opportunities for reflection on lessons and activities
  • Modeling of effective instructional techniques
  • Analysis and interpretation of performance data to guide instructional decisions

…When your teachers are supported, they reap benefits from on‐going, job‐embedded professional development…