Transform Students’ Personalized Learning Opportunities

Students have fun using learning applications online while they build skills with eCatapult, Catapult Learning’s blended learning solution for general education, RTI, and special education.

eCatapult sorts through more than 100,000 vetted educational apps to create the most engaging and personalized learning experience possible for each student, combining the motivation of learning with technology with highly engaging teacher-led instruction.

Put students on the path to success, wherever there’s an Internet connection

With eCatapult, students begin each learning session with explicit and systematic direct instruction, followed by both guided and independent practice. For personalized learning opportunities, eCatapult selects the right learning apps for each student, syncs them to the devices and tracks the results. This enables teachers to effectively differentiate instruction, and meet the needs of all students.

Teachers are excited for the use of technology and the way the students are showing growth on assessments in the classroom. Parents are thrilled that their children are using and learning the technology in school. One parent in particular thanks me all the time, having noticed how much her daughter has improved in math. [Our Principal] is most pleased because she is seeing growth and is getting rave reviews from parents, and students are improving.

– Teacher, Visitation School, Chicago