Personalized Learning with eCatapult

hand_ipadAll of your K−8 students — in general education, RtI and special education alike— can enjoy and benefit from the rich multimedia learning experiences of eCatapult, the blended learning program that pairs expert teacher-led instruction with the best applications available to address individual students’ skill gaps.

How eCatapult Works to Increase Student Success

How eCatapult works: Key areas of focus are prioritized according to students’ initial assessment results. Students then take a 10-question pretest that triggers the personalized engine to recommend targeted apps. Students learn from engaging instructional videos and practice with motivating, rigorous apps curated by curriculum experts, then demonstrate their mastery with a 10-question post-test. Teachers monitor progress throughout and identify opportunities for intervention or celebration.

Only eCatapult’s blended learning program brings you all this:

  • Personal learning curriculum for each student based on unique achievement levels
  • Highly engaging lessons and rigorous apps, curated by curriculum experts, that motivate students to work independently
  • Reporting and tracking tools for teachers to pinpoint targeted intervention

“Teachers are excited for the use of technology and the way the students are showing growth on assessments in the classroom. Parents are thrilled that their children are using and learning the technology in school. One parent in particular thanks me all the time, having noticed how much her daughter has improved in math. [Our Principal] is most pleased because she is seeing growth and is getting rave reviews from parents, and students are improving.”

– Teacher, Visitation School, Chicago