English language learning with AchieveEnglish

Address the unique challenges of English language learning instruction

Catapult kidsYour English language learners (ELLs) are part of the fastest-growing segment of today’s student population. Catapult Learning knows, as you do, that without intensive early intervention, they are particularly at risk for failure that progresses to dropping out. Your teachers can help break the patterns  that lead to diminished opportunity with AchieveEnglish.

Increase skills and student confidence with Title III intervention that works

AchieveEnglish educational materials, aligned with TESOL and ELP standards, give your teachers the right tools for bridging the achievement gap faced by ELL students. Students in the AchieveEnglish program

  •  hone their English language fluency
  • acquire academic vocabulary
  • establish a foundation of essential knowledge
  • polish their grammar skills
  • improve reading comprehension

In addition to the multiple components of our research-based curriculum, the program includes texts and graphically rich ancillary materials from Ballard & Tighe® Publishers. Picture dictionaries, resource books and other engaging student materials are part of the flexible and comprehensive AchieveEnglish program.

…without intensive early intervention, they are particularly at risk for failure…