Direct Instruction

Build Math Proficiency with Small Group Intervention

cl11156_siblingfeature_3962960-300x225-220x150The engaging lessons of Catapult Learning’s signature AchieveMath Small Group Program help your at-risk students meet grade-level math requirements. Working in supportive and confidence-boosting learning environments with a 6:1 student-to-teacher ratio, your instructors:

  • Introduce mathematical principles using concrete manipulatives
  • Reinforce concepts with pictorial representations and algorithms
  • Provide opportunities for guided and independent skills practice

Program segments are developed for your teachers to present concepts and skills sequentially within and across grade levels. Scaffolded instruction, frequent feedback and incentive rewards increase learners’ self-confidence.

Increase success with AchieveMath math intervention

In the AchieveMath Small Group Program, your students build on their previous learning success while making progress toward clear, explicit learning goals. By modeling, explaining and prompting, your teachers encourage participation and prepare their students to solve problems systematically. Regular practice with ongoing feedback, guidance, and correction gives your students confidence to tackle real-world applications and connect classroom work to “life outside the classroom.” Yearly assessments and ongoing communication among teachers, administrators, and parents keep students in an AchieveMath Small Group Program targeted toward success.

…Scaffolded instruction, frequent feedback and incentive rewards increase learners’ self-confidence…