White Paper

The Dropout Dilemma

Learn about the role AchieveReading plays in student success

Dropout_Whitepaper-coverPoor attendance, poor behavior, course failure – the ABCs of student failure – signal academic decline and eventual disengagement from school. Students establish patterns of academic success or failure in early years. Intensive reading intervention delivered before negative patterns are established can turn a reluctant learner into a lasting learner.

AchieveReading, Catapult Learning’s Common Core State Standards-aligned reading intervention program, is featured in “The Dropout Dilemma.” Written by Dr. Marcella L. Bullmaster-Day, Ed.D, “The Dropout Dilemma” reports current research and trends, and explores ways to ensure that your students succeed and thrive in today’s demanding academic environment as well as in the workplace beyond. AchieveReading can play a leading role in improving outcome, reducing failure, and keeping students in school and on track for high performance.

BullmasterDayPhotoCroppedAbout the Author

Dr. Marcella L. Bullmaster-Day is an Associate Professor and the Associate Director of the Touro College Lander Center for Educational Research in New York City. She has worked as a teacher, principal, researcher, university professor, corporate executive, curriculum designer, and professional development consultant in urban educational contexts for over three decades.

Dr. Bullmaster-Day served as Executive Director of Curriculum for Kaplan K12 Learning Services and was Program Chair for Kaplan University’s Graduate School of Education where she developed the conceptual framework and innovative online courses for the university’s Masters Degree in Education. Dr. Bullmaster-Day holds a doctorate in Curriculum and Teaching from Teachers College, Columbia University.