Alliance School Development Rubric

Alliance School Development Rubric

Our Alliance School Development Rubric measures a school’s level of proficiency in 21 Attributes of Exemplary Schools.
This powerful tool:

  • Describes the activities and processes seen in a well-run school that ensure success for all learners when they are well-implemented and sustained
  • Helps schools at all levels assess the strengths and challenges of their instructional practices and organizational conditions
  • Serves as the starting point for the implementation planning and change management processes

Attributes of an Exemplary School

School improvement research and our work with schools have led us to identify, within each of the five strands, several attributes of an exemplary school. These are the activities and processes you see in a well-run school—the attributes that ensure success for all learners when well implemented and sustained.

Catapult Learning’ Five Strand Design of Exemplary Schools is a holistic, research-based model built upon five interrelated areas of focus that are integral to school improvement. Each strand is informed through an essential question; together, these questions illustrate how the Five Strand Design functions as a comprehensive system for school improvement.

Catapult Learning’s products and services lead our school and district partners toward the model’s desired outcome—the “Attributes of an Exemplary School.” The following five focus areas—or strands—serve to assist the team in assessing the performance of a school.