Our Professional Development Solutions

A Full Range of Consultative Professional Development Solutions

Catapult Learning’s Alliance professional development solutions are both consultative and collaborative; they are designed to meet the needs of a school, district, or system to improve the quality of learning organizations and deliver successful results. As a trusted partner, our team of professional development experts engages teachers and leaders alike, building organizational capacity in order to accelerate student achievement.

Professional Development Solutions Based on What You Need

We offer flexible pathways for professional development to address the varying needs of the schools and organizations that we support.

Our solutions range from one-day (or less) workshops and institutes for teachers and school leadership, to comprehensive consultative programs lasting up to one year, to intensive targeted or whole-school transformation initiatives that may last several years. Additionally, we offer high-impact coaching solutions—in a one-on-one or small-group setting—that provide flexible programming customized to meet each school’s needs and focused on ensuring that modifications in teaching and planning are reflected in positive student outcomes.