A Focused Approach to School Improvement

The right approach to school improvement requires regular formative assessment that doesn’t burden teachers, the ability to analyze the results in a meaningful way, and the capacity to connect the data to instructional changes that actually improves student outcomes.

Through a thoughtful combination of assessment analysis and professional support, Focus on Achievement helps teachers and school leaders recognize their specific challenges and systematically make improvements that have a positive impact on student achievement.

The Focus on Achievement Transformation Model includes:

  • Assessment and Analysis: Data teams assess students, identify areas where they are challenged, and learn effective strategies to maximize learning.
  • Professional Support: Focused professional development on three key aspects of instruction ensures all teachers have the skills and strategies that matter most for improving student learning.
  • In-Classroom Support: The Catapult Learning consultant spends time in classrooms helping teachers use instructional materials and take actions recommended after each data session.

Focus on Achievement can maximize the value of your formative assessment and effectively facilitate change within your school and district. Best of all, you can purchase in four-month modules to build a four-, eight- or ten-month program.


Focus on Achievement cover

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