A Sharp Focus on Assessment Analysis

Two Things You Should Never Do with Proxy MeasuresUsing student results from eValuate, Catapult Learning’s next-generation online testing system, Focus on Achievement brings your data teams together regularly with a Catapult Consultant who can help the team build confidence and competence in analyzing data, understand what the analysis says about student performance, and know how to modify instruction to effect change in the classroom.

Data Teams:

  • Learn to routinely practice a 4-step data analysis cycle
  • Develop and implement periodic and annual action plans with concrete goals and metrics for growth
  • Prioritize skills and strategies that teachers need to focus on to drive student achievement
  • Identify instructional activities and materials best suited to meet the priority needs uncovered through data analysis
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of classroom and school-wide intervention programs
  • Develop an understanding of differentiation as a tool for student, teacher, and school growth

Consultants will help data teams understand how to use Catapult Learning’s instructional materials to support classroom teachers in taking the actions recommended after each data session.

A Next-Generation Assessment System that Enriches the Student Experience

eValuate’s graphic-rich technology-enhanced questions (TEQs) challenge students to go beyond typical multiple-choice test items and interact with the question in a variety of engaging ways. Without putting additional scoring burdens on teachers, TEQs allow students to apply knowledge in rigorous, real-world contexts and draw upon critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


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eValuate’s graphic-rich TEQs include graphing (above), drag-and-drop, fill-in-the-blank, clickable text and object, and more.