Professional Support Takes on a Big-Picture View

IMG_3388While data teams look at student achievement and make recommendations for change, the Catapult Consultant meets with groups of teachers to provide intensive and focused support in three key areas of instruction that we have found, after nearly four decades of experience, have a significant effect on overall student achievement.

Between workshops, the Catapult Consultant visits the school to see how well teachers are implementing the actions recommended during the data-team meetings and the strategies taught during the small-team meetings.


Catapult Learning’s Three Keys to Effective Instruction

1) The Catapult Learning Instructional Model
Research-backed and time-tested, Catapult Learning’s lesson model maximizes Academic Learning Time and builds independence and competence in students.

2) Teaching to the Concept
Catapult Learning’s curriculum planning process and instructional strategies help students build schema to enhance learning and apply knowledge in multiple contexts.

3) Classrooms That Teach
Catapult Learning’s approach to creating a learning environment is conducive to a variety of learning needs and pedagogical approaches. This includes instruction on how to create truly effective “walls that teach,” how to use math manipulatives and other hands-on activities to actually drive learning, and more.

Put Recommendations into Action with Curricular Materials

CoreConnects-ELA (3-5)1One the data is analyzed and strategies and next steps are recommended, teachers must take action in their classrooms. Focus on Achievement includes online and print curricular resources that ensure teachers have the support they need to make effective instructional changes.

  • CoreConnects Instructional Guides: Grade band-specific resource guides support rigorous and engaging classrooms, providing a wealth of information and resources for lesson planning and instruction.
  • Classroom Connectors: Embedded teacher resources that offer ideas and strategies for re-teaching challenging concepts. There is a Classroom Connector for every test question on every assessment, so teachers can get the support they need to reinforce the skills and standards that their students strug­gle with most. Classrooms Connectors are accessible on the eValuate teacher dashboard and print-ready versions can be downloaded.