Coaching Connections


Bring Teams Together, Develop Teacher Skills & Transform School Culture

Instructional coaches are instrumental in developing teacher skills, building stronger instructional teams, transforming school culture, and ultimately, improving student achievement. With Coaching Connections, experienced coaching consultants will work with your school or district to effectively train and monitor coaches for success, and build long-term capacity across schools and districts.

Customized Training Builds Coaching Skills

Beginning with a needs assessment, Coaching Connections consultants work with district and building leaders to establish a customized plan. Throughout the year, custom professional development for coaches and job-embedded support allows coaches to collaborate, share information, reflect on their coaching approaches, and engage in reflective conversations.

Support for District & Building Leaders

By providing both district and building leaders on-going support, the Coaching Connections consultant maximizes the ability to increase coordination and share resources among participating schools. Consultants provide valuable off-site support through phone and email communication so that coaches receive the just-in-time support they need to be successful.


  • Grades K−12
  • On-site needs assessment to establish individual goals and build partnerships
  • Follow-up plan review visit to review needs assessment summary and determine course of professional development
  • Two-day leadership session for principals to ensure successful program implementation
  • 3−6 professional development sessions for coaches
  • 4 rounds of job-embedded coaching support visits
  • Coaching notebook

Instructional Resources to Provide Best Practices Support for Coaches

Coaching resources aligned to professional development sessions provide hands-on resources for instructional best practices.

Six modules with resources tied to PD sessions:

  • Coaching Principles: Roles and Responsibilities
  • Coaching Cycle: Partnership Learning
  • Coaching with Data: Collecting, Exploring, Applying Data
  • Coaching Conversations: Planning, Observing, Reflecting
  • Coach as Instructional Resource
  • Coach as Teacher Leader: Impacting School Culture, Change, Learning