Identify Instructional Areas of Need with Online Assessments & Reporting


Catapult Learning’s Evaluate™ online formative assessment and reporting system for grades K–11 allows schools to track student performance relative to College and Career grade-level standards. Detailed reporting allows leaders to address instructional areas in need of additional support. Evaluate provides embedded resources to help teachers target instruction and accessibility tools to engage students as they complete their monthly formative assessments, including those with visual, auditory, linguistic, or physical needs. Evaluate gives teachers the power to engage students in the learning process so they can track their progress and set personalized learning goals.

Click here to download the eValuate brochure.

Evaluate is accompanied by professional development, training and support, including:

  • Online videos, available on-demand, for on-going support in using Evaluate effectively
  • On-site support teams that help to ensure successful implementation
  • Job-embedded learning that occurs as educators engage in daily analysis of Evaluate data
  • Catapult Learning’s research and assessment teams available to provide support in understanding the data and making it actionable.
  • Customized on-site training for successful implementation
  • Additional on-site and web-based support available as needed