Focus on Achievement


Connect Data to Instructional Change for Improved School Outcomes


Without a plan for improvement, student performance data falls short of addressing learning challenges. The right approach to school improvement requires regular formative assessment that doesn’t burden teachers, the ability to analyze the results in a meaningful way, and the capacity to connect the data to instructional change that actually improves student outcomes.

Through a thoughtful combination of assessment analysis and professional support, Focus on Achievement drives improvement in both student performance, grades K−12, and teacher instruction. The model:

  • Connects assessment and analysis with professional and in-classroom support to help teachers implement instructional change based on performance data
  • Teaches educators to use a shared, research-based model for planning lessons in order to maximize academic learning time
  • Builds students’ abstract, conceptual understanding of lesson material and assist transfer of learning across subject areas and beyond the classroom
  • Maximizes the academic usefulness and effectiveness of all elements of the classroom to create a powerful learning environment
  • Builds confidence and competence among data teams to analyze data, understand what the analysis says about student performance, and know how to modify instruction to effect change in the classroom

Focus on Achievement provides support in three key areas of effective instruction: Catapult Learning instructional models, teaching to the concept, and interactive classroom implementation. These areas maximize academic usefulness and effectiveness in all areas of the classroom.

Focus on Achievement is accompanied by professional development, training and support, including:

  • 11 days of on-site support, including professional development, data analysis facilitation, face-to-face workshops, and job-embedded coaching
  • Up to 10 web-based, national and state-aligned benchmark assessments per grade level in math and reading through Evaluate™ formative assessment
  • Resource materials aligned to college- and career-readiness standards
  • Delivery in four- or eight-month program formats