Build Comprehension Skills from the Foundation Up

Because organizational change doesn’t happen without a sense of purpose and good direction, ReadUp’s unique Professional Development resources are infused into the RtI teaching model.

With job-embedded coaching and training, collaboration with experts, and more, teachers not only build their capacity to teach reading comprehension and literacy like a reading interventionist; they also receive ongoing support in implementing and understanding ReadUp’s Common Core aligned instructional model and program design.


When you choose the ReadUp program, you receive:

  • One professional development day that introduces participants to the program
  • Up to three additional seminars and up to six webinars that deepen teacher knowledge of the comprehension process and provide strategies for improving student comprehension and connecting reading to writing
  • The option to engage with a Catapult Learning instructional coach for added support
  • Access to the Teacher Lounge and all of its resources


In-Person Seminars deepen teacher’s understanding of the reading comprehension process.

All ReadUp program participants receive an introductory daylong seminar, plus two to six three-hour sessions covering the following:

  • Comprehension Core Skills Suite (six 3-hour sessions) – Teachers increase their focus on systematic, explicit instruction in one of the reading comprehension skills areas: Main ideas and Details, Summarizing, Predicting and Inferring, Questioning, Clarifying, and Retelling
  • Close Reading (one 3-hour session) – Teachers learn a process for engaging students in close analytical reading of complex texts through ReadUp’s Reading to Write lessons.
  • Reading to Write (one 3-hour session) – Making the connection between reading and writing is an important focus of the Common Core. Participants examine ReadUp’s Reading to Write lessons to learn a process for helping students make the connection between reading and writing, an important focus of the Common Core.

Webinars strengthen participants’ focus on supporting struggling learners.

ReadUp’s professional development webinars are one-hour long each and include these topics:

  • Differentiation Support: Strengthens teachers’ understanding of differentiation
  • Formative Assessment: Examines the importance of formative assessments in an intervention setting, and a variety of techniques for making immediate, near-future and last-chance adjustments to instruction.
  • ReadUp’s Use of Challenging Texts: Reviews the various resources available within ReadUp that can be used to enhance rigorous and relevant instruction within an intervention setting, and engages teachers in a model Reading to Write lesson.
  • Habits of Mind: Teachers will learn four habits of mind that can be targeted for improvement and have a significant impact on student success.
  • ReadUp’s Instructional Model: Reviews the key attributes of the ReadUp instructional model, including activation of relevant knowledge, teacher input, student active participation, and identification of student success.
  • ReadUp’s Support for Struggling Learners and ELLs: Focuses on the suggestions and strategies for supporting struggling learners and English language learners within ReadUp’s lessons.

Coaching provides observation, specific feedback, and individualized support.

Catapult Learning’s Common Core and reading intervention experts are available to coach and support your teachers during implementation of ReadUp. Coaching is structured around observation and feedback, and focuses as needed on:

  • Fidelity to the instructional model
  • Reading comprehension skill instruction
  • Reading to write instruction
  • Understanding mastery

ReadUp’s Teacher Lounge promotes ongoing support, online.

A collaborative online community for ReadUp users, the Teacher Lounge further supports professional development with discussions, idea sharing, on-demand materials, ELL solutions, teaching models, and more.

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