High-Impact Coaching

Turn New Learning into Improved Practice with High-Impact Coaching

Catapult Learning’s coaching model is a capacity-building support system for leaders and teachers as they implement or advance best practices. These partnerships are characterized by trust—and transformational change—and come from a strengths-based perspective.

Collaborative conversations are the foundation of our model, and our approach is designed to leave educators with the tools and constructs that enable them to continue the process independently.

The Alliance team coaches are highly experienced K−12 educators who possess expert knowledge of research-based strategies and provide job-embedded support, which promotes shifts in practice that are reflected in improved student achievement. We partner with instructional leadership teams to design a customized coaching program to facilitate this effort.

The focus of the first coaching meeting is to establish individual goals and to build rapport and trust. Coaches review the program goals, and educators reflect on their current methods to help them create concrete learning targets.

The Role of the Alliance Coach

Coaching sessions take place in a one-on-one or small-group setting. Coaches are engaged in some combination of the following activities, depending on the needs and goals identified by the school or district:

  • Co-plan and contribute to team meetings
  • Co-plan lessons that implement new strategies
  • Co-teach activities to demonstrate an aspect of instruction
  • Review student products to monitor progress and reflect on lessons and activities
  • Model effective instruction
  • Facilitate the design and implementation of formative assessments
  • Analyze, interpret, and use data to drive organizational and instructional decisions
  • Conduct targeted observations to provide educators with data-based feedback to inform reflective conversations

High-impact coaching solutions, offered alone or in tandem with any of our PD products or programs, provide flexible programming customized to meet each school’s needs and focused on ensuring that modifications in teaching and planning are reflected in positive student outcomes.