On Demand Video

Tackle Common Core Challenges with On Demand Videos

CoreConnectsTeacher have 24/7 access to on-demand video programs designed specifically for their grade band. Each CoreConnects ELA or CoreConnects Math video focuses on a specific challenge that teachers face in implementing the Common Core State Standards. Teachers can watch these videos whenever it is convenient to them—alone or in groups—to help them learn and internalize content.


CoreConnects On Demand Video Library

On-demand videos focus on deep understanding of content. Each video looks at a different major cluster:

  • Foundational knowledge
  • How the knowledge grows and deepens from year to year
  • What good instruction looks like
  • Teaching for transfer


Beginning with the program introduction, “What is deep understanding of math?,” on-demand video topics range from number relationships (grades K-2) to equations (grades 6-8) and rational exponents (HS Algebra).

English Language Arts

The on-demand video introduction for ELA, “What is deep understanding of English Language Arts?,” is followed by a series of focus videos. Because the standards remain the same across grade levels, each grade band provides the same focus to allow teachers to track the vertical progression of skills within their grade band or from Kindergarten all the way to Grade 12:

  1. Writing Evidence-Based Opinions
  2. Comprehending Complex Texts
  3. Building Vocabulary and Understanding Figurative Language