Build Teacher Capacity to Teach for Deep Understanding and Knowledge Transfer

The Catapult Learning team works directly with your leadership staff to create a professional development plan that works for your school, beginning with a one-day needs assessment to identify key areas of need, set measurable goals and objectives, and plan targeted coaching.


Focused Professional Development Workshops

Teachers meet in grade-band groups for full-day workshops to discuss and
investigate hot topics related to ELA or Math disciplines.

CoreConnects ELA Workshop TopicsCoreConnects ELA

  • The reading and writing demands of the 21st century workplace
  • The vertical progression of skills that leads to college and career readiness
  • The instructional shifts made necessary by the Common Core State Standards
  • The challenges of teaching for deep understanding and transfer of knowledge

CoreConnects Math Workshops TopicsCoreConnects Math

  • The core fluencies or major content clusters identified by the CCSS as essential for that grade band
  • The instructional shifts required by the Common Core State Standards
  • The importance of the Standards for Mathematical Practice
  • Teaching for deeper understanding and knowledge transfer in math

Job-Embedded Professional Development

Your staff and Catapult Learning experts work together over several days in the classroom to implement instructional strategies for students in both ELA and Math. Topics of focus can include engaging students in all eight mathematical practices through complex, real-world math problems; differentiating instruction using the vertical alignment of skills in CCSS; and diversifying learning activities to engage all students and provide opportunities to transfer learning.