Disciplinary Literacy (6-12)

Get Teachers Ready to Teach Literacy Across All Content Areas

Disciplinary-Lit-LogoExpert Support Integrates Literacy in Every Subject

With the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), teachers in all subject areas must now share the responsibility for teaching literacy in every classroom. These new requirements make it vital that you and your staff understand the standards for literacy and how to incorporate them into lessons and classroom activities. Catapult Learning understands the impact of this shift and supports your middle and high school science and social studies teachers as they complete this important transition.

Training and Resources for No-Fail Implementation

Our combination of seminars, job-embedded coaching, on-demand videos, and ready-to-use curricular resources have been developed exclusively for your content area teachers. These resources will help them learn to develop a higher level of literacy in their students by using complex texts in engaging and dynamic ways and by helping their students connect what they learn in ELA classes to what they learn in other content areas.

Disciplinary LiteracyBuild Capacity to Teach Common Core Literacy

As participants in the Disciplinary Literacy for the Common Core program, your middle and high school science and social studies educators build sustainable capacity, as they discover how to:

  • Develop and practice strategies for implementation in their classrooms
  • Plan for the CCSS instructional changes in their lessons and activities
  • Deepen their background knowledge of literacy development requirements

Disciplinary Literacy - Lynwood, CA