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Disciplinary Literacy Training That Fits Every Schedule

With the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), your science and social studies teachers in grades 6-12 now share responsibility for teaching literacy with your ELA teachers. But what do these shifts in literacy instruction mean in the classroom?

The Disciplinary Literacy On Demand Video Library provides teacher training and professional development that’s available to teachers for viewing on their own schedules, whenever and wherever they want.

Disciplinary Literacy Video Library

Disciplinary Literacy: An Introduction
What must your instructors know about the CCSS? What must they do to re-conceptualize their teaching strategies? How can they establish the relevance of the standards for their students? In this up-to-date and comprehensive overview resource from the Disciplinary Literacy – On Demand Video Library, Catapult Learning experts break down the requirements of the standards and explore the impact of the standards on your administrators, teachers, and students.

Disciplinary Literacy On-Demand Video

Going Beyond the Textbook: How To Find Rich and Rewarding Texts To Support Instruction
What are the resources that can be used to enhance rigorous and relevant instruction and learning in content area classrooms? In this information-packed seminar, your teachers can explore criteria for choosing materials that support discipline-specific literacy including:

  • journal and magazine articles
  • historically-situated primary documents
  • full-length books
  • newspaper articles
  • multimedia resources and digital texts

Reading Deeply: Close Reading of Complex Texts
How can your instructors engage their students in the close reading of complex texts, a key component of the CCSS? With this segment from the Disciplinary Literacy On Demand Video library, they’ll learn how to teach students the importance of setting a clear purpose when engaged in close reading activities, how to recognize structural text elements that can aid their understanding of texts, and how to annotate text to extract key vocabulary words, language clues, and meaning significance.

Going Beyond Book and Lab Reports: Content Area Research and Writing for the Common Core 
What strategies can your teachers impart to their students to enable them to meet the rigorous writing expectations of the CCSS?  This session of video instruction explains a process for moving learners beyond standard book and lab reports to writing in which they defend claims by gathering and evaluating information and presenting it in a structure and format that addresses task, purpose, and audience.