Disciplinary Literacy Resource Guides for
Content Area Teachers

Implement best practices with ready-to-use curricular resource guides

Incorporating instruction that meets the Common Core State Standards is another challenge your staff and content area teachers must add to already challenging school days. Catapult Learning’s library of Disciplinary Literacy resource guides for science and social studies provides the means for your instructors to get up to speed quickly and add the skills and knowledge they’ll need to meet these new requirements. With expert-developed resource guides, teachers will be well-equipped to make the standards come alive in vibrant, interesting, and relevant lessons for their students.

Comprehensive Disciplinary Literacy Guides
for Science and Social Studies Teachers

With guides for nine areas of study, middle and high school science and social studies teachers will love these resources that they can use right away.

Resource guides include:

  • Background knowledge about the Common Core State Standards and their take on content area literacy
  • Curated Internet resources that support the use of complex text in content areas
  • Rich, complex informational texts with guidelines and activities to support instruction
  • Text-based writing prompts and research topics complete with instruction and scoring guidelines
  • Annotated unit planning elements that demonstrate the use of essential questions and the importance of performance-oriented assessment
  • Annotated weekly planning documents that demonstrate ways to match content objectives with skill objectives, plan instructional activities, and clarify evidence of learning
  • Annotated lesson plan elements that explore strategies for differentiating instruction and the key instructional approaches instructors can employ to meet the challenges of the CCSS

Middle School: Social Studies, Science

High School Social Studies: World History & Geography, American History & Government

High School Science: Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics