Discover the Core On Demand Video Resources

Practical information about Common Core State Standards requirements

Your elementary and middle school math and ELA instructional teams need to come up to speed quickly on the requirements of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). What can they do to bring the new rigor demanded by the standards into their classrooms effectively and efficiently?

In the multi-volume Discover The Core On Demand Video Library, your staff can access a full set of resources when their busy schedules permit. Video programming for each discipline–math and ELA–is further categorized by grade bands (K-2, 3-5, 6-8) so that your instructors can get exactly what they need for their individual classrooms.



Discover The Core On Demand Video Library

Discover The Core: An Introduction
What are the new expectations of the CCSS? What must your teachers do to integrate the new requirements into lessons that are relevant for their students? In this up-to-date and comprehensive overview from the Discover The Core On Demand Video Library, Catapult Learning experts break down the requirements and explore their impact on your administrators, teachers, and students.

Math Video Training: Approaches to Practice and Problem Solving
Across all grade bands, volumes I and II of the Discover The Core On Demand Video library will introduce math teachers to the eight standards for math practice that underlie development of mathematical proficiency and explore specific strategies for implementing the standards in each grade. Volume III, “Problematic Problems,” explores the idea that, in all grades, increasing the complexity of problems rather than the quantity of them helps learners become better problem solvers.


ELA Video Training: Approaches to Deeper and Wider Exploration
Your ELA teachers across all grade bands know that it’s vital to teach their students to deepen their reading of key texts while expanding their understanding of the texts by using additional reference materials and sources of information. In “Going Beyond Book Reports,” teachers discover ways to break out of the book report format to help students acquire real-world research skills – as the CCSS requires. In “Going Beyond the Textbook,” teachers learn how text complexity is measured under the CCSS and how to evaluate support material for use in the lesson designs. In “Close Reading,” they’ll find a structured process to help their students get the most from the complex texts recommended by the CCSS.