Professional Development Focused on Your
Staff’s Needs

Explore teacher training options for your math and ELA instructors

professional-development-teachersYour instructors and administrators know they’ll need to reconceptualize their approaches to teaching now that the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are a reality, but do they know what to change and how to change it?

Through readiness assessments and collaborative planning sessions, school leaders and teachers will work with Catapult Learning experts to explore the changes associated with adoption of the CCSS. They’ll build a solid foundation for engaging and effective instruction with a professional development program that’s designed to engage teachers and leaders and build sustainable capacity.

Deepen understanding with multiple professional development methods

Delivered in several convenient, thorough, and well-designed methods, the Discover The Core program gives your teachers comprehensive coverage of the new standards. With videos, in-person seminars, coaching, and take-home reference materials, your staff has access to great resources they’ll put to use immediately and refer to again and again.

  • Video resources: Through the teachers’ resource portal, your staff has access to our complete library of video titles, including “Disciplinary Literacy: an Introduction,” “Going Beyond the Textbook,” and “Going Beyond Books and Lab Reports.”
  • In-person training: In Catapult Learning’s full-day seminar, “Sharing the Wealth: a New Way of Thinking about Literacy,” historians and scientists share their perspectives on disciplinary literacy. Seminar activities include exploration of cultural and political context; investigation of issues of causation and corroboration; and examination of scientific processes, data, and conclusions.
  • Job-embedded coaching: Your staff and Catapult Learning experts work together over several days in the classroom to implement instructional strategies for students that include matching complex texts to meaningful tasks, close reading in individual subject areas, and using writing to support conceptual understanding.