Core Instructional Model

Get Instructional Teams on the Same Page

Core Instructional Model intro pageSchools that succeed have this in common: from the first grade classroom to the twelfth grade classroom to the principal’s office, every teacher and leader speaks the same academic language. When a common overall lesson structure is followed school-wide, students know what to expect and will experience a higher success rate. Catapult Learning’s Core Instructional Model provides structured professional learning opportunities and coaching support that gets your instructional teams on the same page with a consistent, cohesive, research-based instructional model.

Maximize Academic Learning Time in All Classrooms

  • Ensure that more of a school’s allocated time is actually used in engaging instruction
  • Make instructional time more efficient and effective

Improve Student Learning

  • Create student engagement
  • Ensure students are active in learning
  • Monitor individual success

 Achieve School- or District-wide Instructional Consistency and Coherence

  • Facilitate and support teacher collaboration and common planning time
  • Focus ongoing PD efforts across the school or district
  • Provide consistent messaging to the student throughout the school day and from year to year