Professional Development

Professional Development Committed to Your Success

Core instructional Model picPartnership with Catapult Learning means a firm commitment to your success. Schools and districts large and small can benefit from this long-term program that is customized to focus on your school’s particular area of need.  The Core Instructional Model professional development program can be implemented in a single school or across an entire district.

For Leaders:

Three professional development workshops focus on best practices for leading through change. Leaders will learn how to motivate teachers through the implementation of a common, overall lesson structure and instructional model, as well techniques for ongoing monitoring and creating sustainability. Follow-up coaching ensures that leaders have the support they need as they guide teachers through the new instructional model.

For Teachers:

Professional development workshops for teachers include a deep dive into the core instructional model, formative assessments, and how to monitor and adjust instruction. Teachers explore these topics in grade-band groups. Catapult Learning consultants partner closely with teachers during job-embedded coaching as they implement the new instructional model and maximize student learning.


Catapult Learning’s Core Instructional Model aligns with all major teacher evaluation systems and is based on methods that are shown to raise student achievement in multiple research studies.