Effective Data Management for Teachers and Administrators

Understand each child’s rapidly changing literacy needs while you build capacity with MyDataFirst


Managing a literacy program is easier and more effective with the right online tools. MyDataFirst helps teachers to track each student’s progress in the Literacy First framework and master emergent reading skills, while providing a rich database for teachers, school leadership, and district administrators.

Intuitive, secure, and easy to use, the MyDataFirst online management tool builds teachers’ capacity to record and use data in order to assess and address children’s evolving literacy needs with differentiated instruction. Principals and administrators also receive a real-time aggregate of progress and performance data for their school or district and can compare the data to national levels on any given day.

Data-driven Accountability Drives Targeted Literacy Instruction

With MyDataFirst, teachers will:

  • Enter the right student data entry for each Literacy First assessment, with changes instantly reflected in grade, school and national analyses
  • Focus on the “next literacy skill” for each child.
  • More easily implement the Literacy First team approach of collaboration with other teachers to form instructional groups of students from multiple classes

MyDataFirst fits your research and administrative data needs by:

  • Capturing student performance on state assessments
  • Generating individual and class profiles for each assessment based on real-time data
  • Monitoring individual and class on-grade-level progress
  • Capturing student demographics such as gender, race, English proficiency, free and reduced lunch status, special educational needs, etc.
  • Posting announcements/messages for users when they log in
  • Accessing data at all levels: student, class, grade, school, and district.
  • Log confidential teacher observation notes.
  • Monitoring on-grade-level progress by class, grade, and school.
  • Showing data-driven accountability for teacher performance over time