Build Teacher Capacity with Custom Professional Development

You know that your teachers’ professional development needs are unique, driven as they are by the unique academic challenges their students face. To help their students realize sustainable academic gains, your teachers need effective, easily implemented instructional strategies–strategies they can learn with the professional development options of Literacy First.

cl11156_siblingfeature_2612934Improving student achievement requires an environment of classroom-wide, school-wide and district-wide commitment to educational excellence. With Literacy First professional development in leadership, your staff can acquire the skills they need to drive to student achievement.

  • In seminars that focus on building teacher effectiveness, your staff learns to make the complex instructional changes necessary to support students’ reading achievements.
  • At the annual Literacy First Leadership Institute, your staff participates in a variety of activities all designed around the improvement of the instructional strategies and techniques and share the best practices they have implemented with professionals from schools across the United States.
  • In onsite seminars focused on leadership, your staff will have opportunities to focus on what’s needed to form and sustain a culture of learning.