Working Together Toward Achievement

For implementation of the college- and career-ready standards to succeed in every classroom, your staff at every level must reconceptualize their approaches not just to lesson planning and skill instruction but to the reality of preparing students to achieve beyond high school. Your staff can explore the issues, share best practices, and develop useful strategies for use in the classroom and beyond in onsite seminars or during the annual Literacy First Leadership Institute.


Cultivate a Culture of Learning at the Literacy First Leadership Institute

The Literacy First Leadership Institute, held annually in July, provides an opportunity for school leaders from Literacy First schools nationwide to come together to study, interact and learn. Each year, a nationally recognized speaker provides both a keynote address and small group sessions targeted to elementary and secondary educators. Role-alike sessions allow time for schools to gather in small groups to share successes and ideas for addressing challenges. Breakout sessions targeted towards the latest research and how to successfully implement that research are conducted by Literacy First consultants. All sessions throughout the conference are interactive and designed purposefully to assist schools in implementing research-based best practices.

Literacy First Leadership Seminars: Leadership for Instructional Change

Participants in this two-day workshop will come to understand the need for a culture of learning at the school level and at the district level. They’ll learn strategies to foster an environment where staff willingly implements and sustains the instructional changes and deepen their own understanding of college- and career-ready standards and how they relate to instructional requirements.

Leadership Skills to Prevent or Resolve Difficult Situations

Working in this two-day session, participants will identify ways to strengthen collaboration, learn skills to build instructional effectiveness, and increase their awareness of the principles behind a culture of learning.