Literacy First


Put Literacy First in Your Transformation Efforts

For schools focused on creating a language-rich environment and developing literacy in all subject areas, Alliance Literacy First is Catapult Learning’s comprehensive, research-based reading reform process that supports the Academic Content Standards and the reading and comprehending of increasingly complex texts. A three-year professional development coaching and leadership training for grades Pre-K to 12, the Literacy First transformation framework:

  • Creates a literacy-rich culture that motivates and engages students in their own learning
  • Develops a student-centered approach to classroom instruction and classroom management that pinpoints and addresses specific skill gaps to ensure increased student achievement
  • Establishes strong relationships among PD consultants, teachers, and administrators within each school

Literacy First is a data-drive process with a proven record of improving student-reading achievement by building teachers’ instructional capacity in the area of literacy and knowledge of research-based best practices.